Autumn is the time for pumpkins!

  Autumn in our classroom has been exciting colorful and full of learning.  teachers the most exciting part is watching relationship status in seeing students find work in the classroom that excites them, work that they can connect to.
  We spent the month of October and this way as well as preparing for Halloween party.  The children baked pumpkin muffins, made  ghost and hung bats as well as colored jack-o-lanterns, –which provided an excellent applied cutting lesson for many children who struggled to cut curved lines for the first time in the hopes of hanging a perfect pumpkin on our walls!

Halloween Pumpkins:Patch and Party

Two of the real highlights of last month were our Pumpkin Patch field trip and class Halloween Party.   I was also glad to see many of you who attended got the chance to spend a bit more time with Martha, who is usually too focused on the children to make much time for hallway hello’s at school.  If you didn’t get a chance to chat with her at the Farm please make a point of saying hello at thios friday’s family party!   I have to stop to say a big thank you to Anne Holland, Josh Lawler, Jaime Richards, Sue  Carmouche and Angela Oberdeck for their totally unflappable support of our Halloween Party.  Ann and Josh were total troopers and got the herding cats expereince of trying to lead one of our 5 groups through a number of themed stations: we had a jack-o-latern vote, spooky window soaping & washing, a halloween themed walking on the line game, candy skull shaping (way more fun than candy skull eating!), and a “h” table where the children enjoyed halloween themed “h” objects.  The groups formed and unformed around all of us and most of all there was a  constant flow of fun.  Punctuated by our Super Spooky Secret Guest–Justin Mayes, former teacher and Wedgwood Montessori celebrity, who showed up at midday to lead apumpkin carving show.
I can’t say again how much I appreciated the support of those who were able to attend our little party, I lost my voice completely the day before and don’t know how it would have happened without you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

November Happenings

  So far in November we’ve been focusing on our class rules and culture but this is also the first month where we have a topical theme! We’re talking about American History, particularly the Pilgrims. Right now oat grinding, pillow and pocket sewing are all the rage in our classroom and this provides an excellent opportunity to highlight to the children labor-intensive the “old fashioned  way” of doing things was.  When a child spends 30 minutes laboriously sewing a single over-sized button to a scrap of felt and then looks down at their shirt and counts seven tiny buttons, perfectly straight and strong it’s easier to appreciate the work we don’t have to do!

Autumn Family Dinner, Friday October 16th, 6-8 pm

Many of you got the chance to attend the late summer barbeque hosted by Anne and Dan Holland, and those of you who did said you appreciated the casual, social atmosphere as a time for building relationships within our  school community.  I certainly enjoyed that element of the evening and am hoping for more of the same this Friday.     We’ll be upstairs in the Nathan Johnson Social hall.  The children will provide a very special meal as well as zuchhini and pumpkin bread for dessert but feel free to bring beverages if you’re so inclined.


Parent Teacher conferences will be held Nov. 30th, a sign up sheet will go up Tuesday 11/13 along with an alternate conference sheet for those of you who can’t make it on the 30th.   If your child attends school W-F and you know that only certain times work for you, please feel free to call or email and we’ll do our best to sign you up for a slot that works for you.

On the Horizon

November 16th –  Autumn Family Party 6-8 pm

November 22-23rd – Thanksgiving No School

November 30th—Parent Teacher Conferences: No School

December 20 – Holiday Party, 6-8 pm

December 21  – Last day of term

December 24- Jan 2 – Winter Break, No School


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