The Grant

What would a $250,000 grant meant to your business and how will you utilize the funds to ensure long-term growth and stability?

We have standing waitlists of over 20 children, this grant would allow us to take over vacant offices in our North Campus and expand to serve more families in 2014. I’d improve existing materials and facilities, and invest in administration & teacher education to ensure our growth only improves our program.

80,000 Remodel New Classroom

30,000 New Outdoor Environments (both schools)

50,000 Furnishing & Materials (all rooms)

40,000 Administration Process & Software Development

50,000 Teacher Education & Incentives

Winning the Mission Main Street Grant would allow us to make this expansion an upgrade to the entire organization. In addition to upgrading the materials in the other classrooms we’d like to invest further in staff and parent education to ensure that our growth is sustainable and we are able to maintain, across four classrooms, the standard of quality we established when there was just one. We’re currently exploring digital record keeping for lessons and experimenting with different approaches to in-service training but winning the Main Street grant would mean that we could afford to sponsor the kind of outside training that would allow us to advance some of our older staff members to administrative and Lead Teacher positions.

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