Our Team

Describe the talent and skill of your employees and how they contribute to a successful business

A school is all about its staff. So, as much as possible, we hire the person and train the teacher. Often our assistant teachers start with little or no child care experience but deeply giving hearts. It takes a special kind of person to maintain their calm in a sea of demands and our staff is incredible. Many of our assistants make materials, plan lessons and take on learning the Montessori philosophy and curriculum out of a desire to better serve the children in their care. Similarly our Montessori teachers branch out of their training to provide meaningful extensions like live squids for dissection during sea life units or by doing independent research on special needs accommodations for the children in their classes. We have also hired three excellent enrichment teachers for music, yoga, and soccer and absorbed the cost of those enrichment classes rather than offering them as paid extras, a practice which is widespread in early childhood education.

Finally, in addition to her work in the classroom one of our Montessori teachers is a part-time administrator with an M.Ed and an undergraduate background in business she’s worked extensively to strengthen our parent community through real-world events as well as social media, implemented our online registration system, and spends much of her free time on long term business planning and development. She just happens to be my daughter and a good example of what Montessori education can produce.


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