About Us

As an organization we are committed to continuing Maria Montessori’s work towards her vision of a world where education recognizes the wisdom of childhood and enhances children’s intrinsic gifts.

We view the services we perform as impacting a series of interconnected communities:
The children we serve
Their parents who trust us
The educators who choose this work and this community in which to do it
The Montessori Community and, through these direct stakeholders, the community at large.

We are committed to the following with the hope that by doing our work well we will affect change in the communities we serve.

+ To increase general awareness of the importance and value of education in the early childhood years.
+ To provide an environment which allows children to develop within themselves with foundational attitudes, habits, and skills that are essential for a      
   lifetime of creative thinking and learning.
+ To provide an environment for staff that will empower them in fulfilling their creative exploration and professional development.
+ To acknowledge and respect the uniqueness of the children, families, and teachers in our school.