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–A word from Us Montessori taught us that the work of the child is self-construction–absorbing and recombining the world around them to build a human life. Our work is not to teach or control but to carefully curate a world worth

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When Tehut goes to Metrix, she has a blast

Metti: Jan 7th
Corey: Feb 15

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–Ladybug– 07/24/2015–


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–Ladybug– 07/24/2015–

Blue and green

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–butterfly– 06/10/2015–

Bread Slice cheese Tomato Cucumber Mayonnaise Catchup Salad Paper

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Community of Practice:

University of Washington Planetarium Field Trip Those of you watching the facebook group have been participating in this discussion for a day or two now lets get everyone caught up Please RSVP for this trip and tell us if you’re

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–Ladybug– 03/23/2015–

Requested Elliptical carpet to fit our whole roster without sitting on the floor. Water work materials: 4 blue aprons, 4 blue roll-up table mats Art Work Materials: 4 green aprons, 4 green roll-up mats 1000 chain mat New Chairs (missing,

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Birthdays in a Montessori classroom are celebrated with a unique ritual that reminds children they are a part of the universe that they move with the world in a journey around the sun every year of their lives. We ask

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