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Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had restful and fun filled winter holidays. We’re all glad to be back and looking forward to seeing the children back in the classroom. I’d like to take a moment, on behalf of the

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December is here?!

Thank you.  For  your commitment and the kind of human beings that commitment creates, and your trust puts in our lives. November is one of the most satisfying months of the academic year because, as teachers, we get to spend

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Autumn is the time for pumpkins!

  Autumn in our classroom has been exciting colorful and full of learning.  teachers the most exciting part is watching relationship status in seeing students find work in the classroom that excites them, work that they can connect to.   We

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Psychology in Early Childhood

Parent Night: Psychology in Early Childhood October 30th, 5:45-7:00 pm What’s a locus of control? Why is my child cleaning all the time? What does independence have to do with development outcomes?  What the heck is “Positive Discipline?” We’ll talk

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Janet wished me a Happy Rocktober yesterday morning and I have to say, the day was seriously rocking! (yeah, you get to be that corny when you’re a Montessori teacher!) Both Friday and Monday mornings started with party preparations.  Martha

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At the beginning is a good place to be!

It’s the first day of our first full week of school and for us teachers the last four days have been such an adventure, not only are we getting to know our new students but we have the privilege of

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The end of the summer… :-(

I feel like I start every blog by remarking on how quickly time has flown by, but it’s no less true for the repeating. September Theme: Awareness of Self and Others, We are a Circle of Friends, We are Special

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Summer’s Here….Summer’s Over?

In true Seattle fashion, now that we’re in the last calendar month of the season, it seems to have almost arrived.   Not that I mind, I think of every cloudy summer day as a promise of October sunshine and

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Summer Blog

We’re back everybody! And just in time for the sunshine! Our light 4 day week was an excellent transition back (or to) school for both the children and ourselves. We’re going to split the summer into three themes: insects, birds,

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Graduation Songs

So I’m going to preface this with two important comments 1) Children don’t notice that I’m not a natural singer, so no laughing k guys? 2) These songs will open in a new window I’ll try to come in over

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