Birthdays in a Montessori classroom are celebrated with a unique ritual that reminds children they are a part of the universe that they move with the world in a journey around the sun every year of their lives.

We ask that you bring:

  •  a picture from each year of your child’s life
  • a small treat for each child in the class

Historically, mini-cupcakes have been popular but fruit or and fruit snacks are also wonderful.

Unfortunately, state law requires that birthday treats be store bought as a measure to prevent accidental allergic reactions.

As your child’s birthday approaches please contact your lead teacher about scheduling your visit. The entire process usually takes between 20-40 minutes, we don’t require that the celebration be on your child’s actual birthday and welcome as many family members as would like to attend and.  In short, this is your child’s and your family’s moment in our classroom and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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