Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had restful and fun filled winter holidays. We’re all glad to be back and looking forward to seeing the children back in the classroom. I’d like to take a moment, on behalf of the entire staff, to thank all of you for your kind words and generous gifts during the holiday season.  Thank you!

January Happenings

We start the new year with more than new materials and themes but with the gift of routine and community, after three months of focusing on social cohesion and creating a class culture we get to use that tool to dig into meatier topics. In January, we’re going out of this world, literally!  This month, we will explore outer space through songs, stories, and art.

The mixed age group is a somewhat unique feature of Montessori classrooms and one that I’m grateful for at this time of year.  I was reminded of this while observing how differently our four, five, and three year old children experienced the space themed classroom during the two days of school we had last week.  Older children dived into familiar games and lessons, sharing facts they remembered and asking questions that reflected a comfort and familiarity with the topic.  Meanwhile, I got to have an equally satisfying conversation with one of my three year old friends who insisted he did not live on any planet, he lived in Seattle!

Last month the children helped us sew dozens of tiny beads to felt circles we’ll use this week to illustrate  the big bang, they’ll also have the opportunity to build planet books, stuffed rocket ships and do lots of space themed pinning and cutting work all in addition to the regular activities available in the Montessori classroom.  Fun times ahead!

Dates on the Horizon

January 21st     Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (NS)

February 18       President’s Day (NS)

April 10               Hop-A-Thon (10 am party)

April 12               Spring Party

April 15-19          Spring Break (NS)

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