I love you, you love me, we all love this planet green!

Happy February Friends!
I have to start this post by acknowledging you for the heroic lengths each of you go to in loving, honoring, and supporting the development of your children.  The projects, the stories, the outings, the snuggle sessions, the cooking and dance parties, they all filter back into the classroom as part of who they are and it’s truly inspiring to see how much of your passions become a part of them.

When I was in graduate school my Montessori trainer always said that the children will love whatever we love.  And boy did they love space. We loved it too, we loved the concentration we saw while they pinned astronauts, colored and stuffed space ships, and learned about planets, orbits and asteroids.  But, really, what we loved was seeing their interest piqued.
And we’re looking forward to more of that this month as we bring our eyes a bit closer to the ground and study our planet Earth.  We’ll be learning about the continents and oceans, about the layers of the earth, and we get to bring out one of my favorite Montessori materials, the Land and Water forms to give the children a sensory understanding of formations like gulf, strait, and island. This is also when we get to discuss volcanoes, earthquakes (more drills, yay!) and all the treasures we get out of the Earth. All in all, this is going to be a good time

Come visit us!

Now that we’ve found our rhythm as a class community there’s nothing missing but a bit more of you. There are a few ways to join us; observations, lunch dates, and volunteering.
Observation:If you’re interested in doing an observation, we recommend planning on a ½ hour in the classroom (sitting unobtrusively in a chair is hard to do for much longer) and another 15 minutes before your observation to discuss the discipline of observation as practiced in Montessori.  Please choose a time between 10-11:30 (11 am if your child naps) or 2:00pm and 3:00pm (if your child doesn’t nap) and send us an email to schedule it!
Lunch Dates: Let’s do lunch! There’s no real scheduling necessary here, you can just let us know via email or at drop off that you’d like to have lunch with your child at school and we’ll set an extra napkin for you!  The Apples (nappers) eat lunch from 11:00am-12:00pm and the Bananas eat from 12:00pm-1:00pm.
Volunteering:  Remember what I said earlier about the children loving anything we love?  Look over our monthly themes and if there’s anything you’re interested in let me know.  If nothing gets your gears turning, let me know too. J  I’d love to work with you to plan a lesson on geology, wood working, gardening, art, astronomy, music, cooking, cartography, meditation, Russian, dance, 3-D printing…….you get the idea.   Whatever you love, we’ll find a place for it!

And if you’d just like to come by, for an afternoon and read stories or do projects with us, we’d love that too.

Soccer Classes

So, speaking of sharing interests, I’m super excited to announce that as of this Wednesday the children will get to participate in soccer lessons with a very skilled trainer. We’ll start here at school (indoors in the rain outside when we can) but might eventually migrate to one of our neighborhood fields.

Tesfaye Debebe, a star player on the Ethiopian National Team, is the founder of Tes Soccer, a company that has been training young soccer players in Seattle for a number of years.  He will be working with John to share a bit of his passion with our children!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day took me totally by surprise last year.  The honest love children have for the people around them turned something I always thought of as a silly commercial holiday into something really beautiful.
We’ll have our class Valentine’s day party for  the children from 10:00-11:00 on Thursday February 14th, as always, we hope to see your child whether they’re scheduled to attend for the day or not.  Just plan on joining us for the hour or having them chaperoned by another adult.
We have card making work on the shelves and I fully expect the children to produce many cards by the 14th but if your family would like to make or buy Valentines for their friends we ask that you provide a card for each child and are sure to write your child’s name on each card. For your reference,  I’ll attach  an updated class list to the blog announcement email.


I just wanted to remind everyone of the Birthday Party info on the FAQ in the Parent’s Page, it explains what to bring, what to avoid, and what we do.

Please let us know what day you’d like to come in for a class celebration any time before (or after!) your child’s birthday.  We generally schedule birthday parties at 12:30 and wrap up around 1:00pm and ask that you bring 31 bite size-peanut-free treats as well as a picture from every year of your child’s life.

Dates on the Horizon

February 14th, 2013 Class Valentine’s Party, 10-11 am
February 18th, 2013 President’s Day Holiday (ns)
April 5th, 2013 MDA Hop-a-Thon, 10-11am
April 12th, 2013 Spring Party and Play (6-8pm)
April 15-19, 2013 Spring Break (NS)
April 26, 2013 Parent Teacher Conferences (NS)

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