The end of the summer… :-(

I feel like I start every blog by remarking on how quickly time has flown by, but it’s no less true for the repeating.

September Theme: Awareness of Self and Others, We are a Circle of Friends, We are Special

Here in our last week of summer seems like a good time to talk about the first weeks of fall.  September is about transition and laying the foundation for the class culture we want to enjoy all year.  Many of the lessons will revolve around preparations for an end of the month Leafy Greens Party.  And, yes, I just said that by the end of September Martha and I plan to have the children partying over vegetables!

The purpose of the party is to provide meaning to the lessons of self-care, social graces, and industry we’ll be exploring next month. All of which center around independence and independence as a precursor to interdependence, which is what a community, especially a class community, is all about. After all, you can’t be on the kale massaging committee if there’s any doubt about your hand washing skill, a party is only fun if the people there are kind, and there’s no shindig if the work of preparing the space doesn’t happen. Our goal is that each child will feel the importance of their work and be called to engage on a deeper level.

Parent Discussion: Tuesday, September 11th, 2012  5:15-7 pm

To prepare ourselves as adults, I’d like to invite any of you with the interest and availability to join us on Tuesday, September 11th at 5:15 for a discussion on Independence for the under six set.  We’ll start by looking at the ways and whys of independence in the classroom and then open up for a wider conversation about your much harder job of translating the neat and tidy ideal of a joyfully independent 3 year old into the messiness of real life. I expect we’ll be wrapping up around 7.

I’ve roped my mom in for the first session so look for Metti’s unique perspective as an incredibly busy parent and an educator who has worked with primary age children for over twenty years and across three continents!

Fall Teaching Team

We are very excited to welcome Martha Breslauer on as a full time Montessori teacher and John Burbridge as a part-time classroom assistant for the  2012-2013 school year.

Martha has spent years sharing herself and her gifts with children. Prior to completing her Montessori training she taught cooking, nutrition, and Spanish at schools around Seattle even while working as Assistant Teacher in a Montessori classroom.  In addition to her wealth of general experience, Martha spent a few hours with us every day of  the 2011-2012 school year and is already a much beloved member of our Wedgwood Montessori friendship tree.  Basically, next year is going to rock!

Filling in Martha’s old mid-day time slot will be John Burbridge, a musician and audio engineer with a long history of mentoring and teaching.  John has been an Americorps volunteer, commutes to Olympia to mentor a high school reggae band and has created a sunday school program at St. Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox church.  Throughout the 2011-2012 year John and Metti have worked closely together in her service work for the Ethiopian community and we’re very excited to have his energy and zeal here in our school community.

The song says “make new friends but keep the old” and, sadly, we’ll also be wishing our old friend Justin a fond farewell this fall.  He’s been a sunny island of calm for us adults and a seemingly inexhaustible storehouse of fun and knowledge for the children.

While Friday is the last classroom day of summer Justin’s last day will not be until the end of August.  I’ve been assured visits so let’s save our goodbyes and only give him our best wishes, take cares, and see ya laters.

Dates on the Horizon
August 24th— Last day of Summer Class
August 31st — Party??
September 5th –First day of Fall Term
September 11th — Parent Discussion Group,  5:15-7 pm in main classroom
September 21st — Fall Parent Night (adults only) 6-8 pm

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