This Week at Wedgwood 3/3-3/7

This Week at Wedgwood 2/24-3/1

Letter of the Week: We’re studying the sound "wuh"

Days of the Week: Soccer on Thursday, Yoga for Tuesday and Thursday, and Music on Tuesday & Friday with sharing days Wed & Thur. Try bringing something related to "wuh" or this month’s theme: Animals

Theme: I don’t know what it is about animals but children love them and thank goodness because that’s what we’re studying! This week it’s all about the creepy crawlies: reptiles and amphibians. Keiko is also continuing our group exploration of the sensorial materials. This week week we’re doing bells, tasting & smelling exercises together!

In the Classroom: Spring is one of the most exciting times of year at our school and it seems to be coming early in the classroom. We’re seeing beautifully complicated free play, independence and responsibility for the school and one another and increased interest in reading and math!

Just for Grown Ups

Kindergarten Open Enrollment ends at 4pm on March, 7th
Open Enrollment for Kindergarten–the process for applying to "opt-in" programs like Spectrum, APP or the Madrona Montessori program–runs from today February 24th – March 7th (not post-marked but at the SPS building).
SPS Enrollment Page

Kindergarten Opinions
I’ve been collecting opinions on local kindergarten programs and should have something for you all to read mid-day tomorrow. Until then I’ll share this quote from Julie Scales (Lorelai Kaplan) that I’ve heard echoed a few times this year and in the past:In the northeast you really can’t go wrong.

Material & Craft Party: Thursday, March 6th 7-8pm
We’ll be at school talking through props and costume ideas for our spring play: The Empty Pot!

April 8th: Hop-a-Thon
Every year we participate in the MDA Hop-a-thon.. It’s an amazing program that is going to help teach our kids about disabilities and to be aware that not everyone is the same, and that it’s just fine.

The MDA provides all the materials including a fundraising website for us to share with you. You can visit our center’s website here: and register your hopper today!

At the end of our Hop-A-Thon week (4/7/2014), we’re going to be doing a two-minute hop-a-thon to use our muscles for those kids that can’t. So, the sooner we get started, the more of an impact we’re going to be able to make!

The funds that we raise will help support vital clinic visits, flu shots, a week-long summer camp, and lifesaving research! The MDA staff is also going to be sending out tips for fundraising, so the sooner you register online, the more help they’ll be able to be!

Dates on the Horizon

Feb 24 – March 7th: SPS Open Enrollment Period
Thursday, March 6th, 7-8pm–Empty Pot Parent Gathering
April 8th 10am –Hop-a-thon Muscular Dystrophy Fundraiser

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