Winter Wonderland

In general, between the giddy activity of Family Dinner preparation, conferences, and the party itself we and the children whirled through November.  Now that we’re in the final month of the year we’ve already dived into preparations for our Winter Social–December 23rd 6-8 pm.

We’ve just started a new set of songs and stories related to our theme of Winter Celebrations around the world.  We’re discussing and experiencing the importance of light to people and using the filter of winter celebrations to deepen work with our geography materials.  We’re making Paper Globes and discussing many major holidays celebrated elsewhere and here during this time of year: Ramadan, Diwali, Hannukah, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Kwanza.

We like to invite parents and people from the community to share their traditions. We’ve already been fortunate enough to have a family volunteer to share their Hannukah traditions, if you’d like to visit to read a story do a short activity with the class please let me know and we can work out a short lesson and time for you to visit.

As always when we’re gearing up for a party the children are cooking and making decorations and other activities for the event and as you’re the intended recipients of a few of this month’s activities I won’t spill the beans on what we’re making–though maybe your children will.

On the Horizon

December 23 Holiday Party (6-8 pm)

December 23 Last Day of Term

December 26-30 Winter Break (No School)

January 3 Winter Session Begins

January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (No School)

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